Yamas – Mediterranean Bistro Wine Bar

Yamas is the new Greek kid on the Europaallee block armed with Mama’s recipes and a selection of Greek wines making you feel like you’re on some far away Greek island and not Zürich.
Yamas - Mediterranean Bistro Wine Bar // L.Alexandra
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Brunch in the Clouds

As I think I’ve mentioned before when our family gets together we like to do it around good food. This time we headed up to Clouds for my Mum’s birthday which is situated at the top of the Prime Tower.
Brunch in the Clouds // L.Alexandra
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YEN’s Sushi

Sushi is something I can never have enough of. Neither can my sister.
So when Harrysding.ch asked me if I’d like to try out a restaurant for Local.ch I didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what cuisine I was going to choose.
And who I was going to take with me.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
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Favourite summer spots in Zürich

This is slightly ironic because as I write this the weather has cooled down and it’s been raining.
But maybe it’ll coax the sun back out…
It’s worth a try!

1. Frau Gerolds Garten
Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra Frau Gerolds Garten // L.AlexandraSuch a cool vibe sitting in between the containers, train track and plants.
They grow some of their own food in the gardens and it’s guaranteed to always be packed.
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Katzentisch’ing at Rüsterei

The other day Manuela and I decided to go for a spontaneous dinner and knew it would probably be quite hard to get a table…
Lucky for me, I still had a Katzentisch voucher that we decided to use and we got ourselves a table at Rüsterei.
(You might remember this post on my first Katzentisch experience).
Katzentisch'ing at Rüsterei // L.Alexandra
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• • • Rooftop Restaurant courtesy of Katzentisch

I’m all about being spontaneous but ever tried getting a table at a good restaurant in Zürich?
Quite often, quite hard.
And before that there’s always the endless debate about where to go.

The newly launched Katzentisch can solve both of these problems in one go!
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
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Elle’n’Belle – It’s vegan baby!

I love trying out new things, especially when it has to do with food.
So when two of the Swiss foodies (you might remember them from HERE), suggested we try out Elle’n’Belle I didn’t have to think twice.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
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