Homemade coleslaw and thoughts

2016 has been off to a pretty amazing start. And I feel like this is going to be a good year. You know the feeling I mean? The one that just allows you to sense that things are going to continue being great?
Yeah, that one!
Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
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Grilled veggie sandwich with red beet flatbread

Weekends are all about lazy mornings, late breakfasts, even later lunches and then super late dinners? Or something along those lines…
We have a farmer that comes around our neighbourhood selling his produce from the back of the car. Of course I couldn’t resist and bought a bunch of veggies, apples and fresh apple-pear juice. Which meant the recipes for the past few days were based around these foods. But I’m not complaining, check this out:
Grilled veggie sandwich with red beet flatbread // L.Alexandra
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