Brunch in the Clouds

As I think I’ve mentioned before when our family gets together we like to do it around good food. This time we headed up to Clouds for my Mum’s birthday which is situated at the top of the Prime Tower.
Brunch in the Clouds // L.Alexandra
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Swiss foodie brunch

The internet has some pretty cool aspects to itself, especially when it allows you to connect to a bunch of people you’ve never met in real life but all share the same passion.
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Brunch at Fischers Fritz

I’m a strong believer that brunch is always a good idea.
Especially when it’s outside, sunny and warm.

To celebrate Easter, my homecoming and just general life, my friends and I headed to Fischers Fritz.
Located just by the lake it was perfect on such a beautiful day.

It’s all outside and a very relaxed atmosphere.
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Urbanangel and sunshine

The sun finally shone today!
And the wind was at an all time low.
It feels like spring may actually be on its way.

Excited about this weather Silje and I decided to have lunch outside before a group meeting.
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The summer has been perfect for the last couple of weeks.
We’ve actually had a heatwave this weekend.
Temperatures up to 36°C today!

As I write this though I am awaiting the storm that is meant to roll in.
The sky has blackened, the wind has picked up, thunder is roaring…it’s only a matter of time before it comes pouring down.
Summer rainstorms are my favourite.
The smell, it cools down and I don’t need to water the garden ;)

I spontaneously decided to have a grill party last week.

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