Grilled veggie sandwich with red beet flatbread

Weekends are all about lazy mornings, late breakfasts, even later lunches and then super late dinners? Or something along those lines…
We have a farmer that comes around our neighbourhood selling his produce from the back of the car. Of course I couldn’t resist and bought a bunch of veggies, apples and fresh apple-pear juice. Which meant the recipes for the past few days were based around these foods. But I’m not complaining, check this out:
Grilled veggie sandwich with red beet flatbread // L.Alexandra
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Blogger dinner at Boucherie AuGust

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a blogger dinner by and Harrys Ding that started at Max Chocolatier and ended at Boucherie AuGust.
Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra
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Oat-Chocolate Chip Cookies by Nadja

I’m super lucky because I have friends who love food as much as I do. So when we get together it is always a main topic as well as what we do when we’re together – eat.
Many of you might know Nadja as @mylifeisdelicious on Instagram as she has stunning photos of vegan food she makes. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: her food is as good as it looks! Today she’s sharing her vegan oat-chocolate chip cookies with us.
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Coming soon – Vietnamese eatery

Unlike the name suggests, the new Vietnamese eatery Coming Soon is actually already open and you should really go.
I went to try it out with Harry and Carrie from Harrysding the other night and it’s always fun going to places with people who don’t mind waiting 10 min while you take pictures of the food from every possible angle. And it’s even better if they’re doing the same thing!
Coming soon - Vietnamese eatery // L.Alexandra
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Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg

Whoever said you need to travel to the mountains to get that holiday feeling of sitting in a chalet, by the fireplace with fondue has clearly not heard of the Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg.
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
The 1947 postoffice cabin from Zermatt now stands high above Zürich and brings us city kids that mountain feeling without having to leave our usual stomping ground. Pretty ideal huh?
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