Pallet furniture

Lately I’ve become pretty obsessed with idea of having a piece of furniture made from pallets.
Although I won’t have an apartment to furnish for probably another 2 years there’s no harm in daydreaming right?

When I was on my jog yesterday I came across a spot in the woods were there were loads of pallets and I was already mentally planning how I could take one home. Sadly I am pretty sure they are heavy and not exactly something you can sneak away with.
So instead I decided to search through pinterest to find my favourite ideas.

I love the idea of having a pallet sofa. It’s a cheap option as I’m assuming you can get pallets for free and then just add pillows.

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Grey Sofas

Now that my exam is over and I am officially on summer holidays I can spend hours on Pinterest guilt-free!

So that is exactly what I’ve been doing all morning.

In the past few months I’ve become a real fan of grey sofas as they are a neutral colour allowing for endless colour combinations. There are so many shades of grey to match what you want.

My favourite thing about them is they aren’t as heavy as black but not as risky as white, a nice mix between the two. Plus it’s super easy to coordinate any colour with it, anything will match. If you get fed up with it you can always change the pillows and give it an instant facelift. Or have different pillow covers for different seasons for example.

These are some of my favourites:

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Eames Chairs

Ever since I was about 11 years old up until about 10th Grade I wanted to study interior design. I loved rearranging my room every few months and adding little things to change it up a bit. When it came time to decide what I wanted to study and where I freaked out a bit. The sheer amount of options are overwhelming. I was doing Art as one of my courses and would occasionally hit a mental block. What if that happened to me when I was studying? What if that happened to me at work? You couldn’t simply just have a mental block.

So I decided to keep interior design more of a hobby rather than my choice of study (I’m doing PR & Marketing). But thanks to Pinterest I can now spend hours looking at home decor related pictures, blogs and websites. If you check out my Pinterest account you’ll realise that’s my main theme for my boards.

*Warning: Pinterest is extremely addictive!*

On one of my Pinterest adventures I discovered these chairs and fell in love with them:

(Clicking on the image will lead you to the image in Pinterest which will then lead you to the original source)

eames black

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