Six choice dinner

On one of our last days in France we went up to Cabris again for drinks at the main square.

Of course everyone is welcome.


I wandered around the village with the two girls and we concluded it was just much too nice of a night to go home and cook.
So we scoped out a cute restaurant.IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6319And this is what we found:

A small little restaurant with an outdoor kitchen.
There was only one waitress and the chef.

And six dishes two choose from.
Two starters, two mains and two dessert.

I like when there’s less choice, decisions are made a lot faster and you know it’ll be fresh.
Especially if you can watch the chef prepare your meal.
IMG_6320 IMG_6322

And here some mouth-watering photos to prove how delicious the food was:



IMG_6338Watching the chef prepare the food was definitely a treat.
Although the dishes were simple they were fantastic.

Plus we didn’t have to do the dishes at the end.
All round good evening if you ask me.