Undergrad degree: check

I guess I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.
I haven’t actually graduated.
Just done with uni.
So keep your fingers crossed all goes well and I pass everything!

Last week we handed in our last piece of work and it was also the last trip to campus.
So I was quite snap happy and captured the journey.Last day at uni // L.Alexandra

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Grand Ball

Last week our university had it’s annual sports and societies ball.
I’ve been so blessed to be part of the Amnesty society with people who have become some of my closest friends this year.
Whenever we’re all together it’s always a great time and I’m going to miss you all so much.
Don’t forget to skype me on your group meetings!Grand Ball // L.Alexandra

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Final countdown and sunshine

I leave Edinburgh today in a month!
So crazy, can’t believe how fast the last three years have gone by.
But it feels good to be going home, after 7 years of living abroad I’m looking forward to living in Zürich for more than a summer.

I will definitely miss the days that Edinburgh is flooded with sunlight, the winds disappear and everyone is out and about.
I love all the coffee shops here that not only serve good coffee but usually great food too.
And of course the student life.
Soon it’s off into the ‘real’ world (whatever that means).

Last week when it was spring for two days V and I took a stroll to Bruntsfield and tried to soak up as much sun as we could.Bruntsfield, Edinburgh // L.Alexandra Continue reading

Urbanangel and sunshine

The sun finally shone today!
And the wind was at an all time low.
It feels like spring may actually be on its way.

Excited about this weather Silje and I decided to have lunch outside before a group meeting.
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Jamie’s Italian (again)

I know I’ve already blogged about Jamie’s Italian not too long ago, HERE.
But I wasn’t actually very statisfied with the pictures so when I finally got my camera and another chance to go, I just had to take pictures.
And share them with you of course.

Here we go.
Jamie’s Italian 2.0

So in love with the interior.
Especially the ceiling and the chandeliers.Jamie's Italian, Edinburgh // L.Alexandra Continue reading

Exploring Edinburgh Part 2 + let me take you up the Scott Monument

The day after our prosecco night we had a bit of a slow start to the morning.
J got her haircut and we spent some more time walking around Edinburgh.
I kept getting annoyed that the sky on the photos was so grey but then I looked up and realised the sky really was just that grey.
And of course this week, the sun has been out all the time…Edinburgh // L.Alexandra Continue reading

Exploring Edinburgh Part 1

As I write this I am lying in bed exhausted from this past week.
My friend from back home came to visit me for a few days in Edinburgh and then we spent the weekend together in London.

We took way too many photos so I’m doing this week in parts.
Part 1 includes our dinner at Bar Kohl and the next day wandering around Edinburgh and dinner at Bar Soba. It’s always fun having someone visit as you get to play tourist in your own city.
It was such a shame though that the weather was very grey and dreary the whole time she was here.Bar Kohl, Edinburgh // L.Alexandra

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Edinburgh Christmas Market

This weekend the Edinburgh Christmas Market opened so my friend and I went to check it out.
Luckily it wasn’t as cold as I had remembered it being last year.
Or maybe I just dressed warmer?
Anyways, we were able to walk around without feeling like our fingers and toes were about to freeze.
But there were still a lot of people!German Christmas Market, Edinburgh // L.Alexandra Continue reading