DIY food gifts

As Christmas is coming closer, panic mode has probably set in with those who haven’t gotten gifts.
We celebrated yesterday (Saturday) as we’ll be away on the 24th.
My siblings and I teamed up these year for presents and decided to go with a DIY food theme.

We made our own garlic, rosemary and sage salt.
Super easy to make but it is pretty impressive and smells delicious.
I think I’m going to make this my go-to gift from now on.
Well food gifts in general. They’re easy, often inexpensive to make and well liked.DIY food gifts // L.Alexandra

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Reusing glass jars

Recently I’ve been really into reusing glass jars.
Just ask my flatmate, I always ask her to save any empty jars.

They’re perfect for storing food – anything from rice to seeds to spices to teas.
They can also be used to for making and storing salad dressing or smoothies.

Or you can use them as candle holders, vases, pencil holders, make up storage or craft storage…
The possibilities are endless.

Here some inspiration:

jar 1

jar 2

jar 3

jar 4

jar 6

jar 7

Not only does it look great, it’s also very cheap as you can use any jars you have around the home.

Do you reuse jars?

DIY sweater printing

I am back in Edinburgh, moved into my new flat and getting settled in.
Our flat is coming together really nicely which is exciting.
I’ll post pictures when it’s done.

The day before I left my sister, Alina, and I realised we’d been wanting to do some DIY stuff the whole summer but somehow time just flew by.
So that Saturday we decided was our last chance and we went off to the shop to get the paint we needed to print onto sweaters.

IMG_6903Any fabric paint will work but we went for this one as it came with a sponge and that was the effect we were hoping to get as we were only doing outlines.

We printed our designs off from the internet, cut them out and then traced them on sticky foil.


We had originally planned to do a map of the world on the back.
Being the impatient person I am I decided it was too much work, Alina did it.
Now her sweater looks awesome and I’m jealous.

IMG_6899I decided I’d go for stars on the sleeves.

IMG_6904Place the sweater onto a flat surface with some newspaper underneath- just in case.
It was quite time-consuming as the sponge didn’t absorb much paint at a time, which if you’re a bit impatient like me…can be frustrating.
Alina even went over her outline twice.

IMG_6909Told you it’s awesome (even with the foil).

IMG_6908Peel off the foil and you’re left with your own customised sweater!

Easy peasy right?

Rainy day activity- tape shapes

It has been pouring for two days straight, non-stop.
Streams, rivers and basements are in danger of flooding.

This weather has us all cooped up inside hoping for some sunshine soon.
It has also made going outside with my babysitter kids near to impossible.
Unless we were prepared to swim to our destination.

So instead we’ve been inside doing crafts, playing pirates and trains.
Yesterday we made a hop scotch and train track with tape.

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Pallet furniture

Lately I’ve become pretty obsessed with idea of having a piece of furniture made from pallets.
Although I won’t have an apartment to furnish for probably another 2 years there’s no harm in daydreaming right?

When I was on my jog yesterday I came across a spot in the woods were there were loads of pallets and I was already mentally planning how I could take one home. Sadly I am pretty sure they are heavy and not exactly something you can sneak away with.
So instead I decided to search through pinterest to find my favourite ideas.

I love the idea of having a pallet sofa. It’s a cheap option as I’m assuming you can get pallets for free and then just add pillows.

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Gift wrapping with love

I’ve always really enjoyed wrapping presents and getting creative with them. Back home (at my parent’s place) we have an endless supply of wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers, gift bags etc. that we’ve collected over the years. However, here at university I don’t have that luxury but I still like to make an effort when wrapping presents.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve wrapped my gifts recently:


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DIY: Instagram Magnets

I don’t know about you but I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon a couple of months ago and am pretty addicted to it now. It’s a shame though that nowadays we never really do much with our pictures besides posting them online. I decided to do something with my Instagram pictures based on the idea of StickyGram– making your pictures into magnets.

I’ve purchased with StickyGram before but they aren’t the cheapest option when you want to print a lot of images so, I decided to make my own magnets in a few simple steps.

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DIY: Bunting

I seem to forget that I have a blog and could blog about the DIYs I do!  Still getting the hang of this whole blogging business.  This DIY is pretty simple so I don’t think step-by-step pictures are really necessary.

Being a student means my budget isn’t endless (is it ever in life?) but I still wanted to do something to decorate my walls as they are currently very plain (yes, I have been in my room for about 6 months already).  For the bunting I used those single sheets of wrapping paper you can buy.  It was very convenient as I still had paper from last year from my dorm room where I used them as posters (I got my from Urban Outfitters).  They’re lot cheaper and often lighter and therefore easier to stick to the wall with minimal blu-tac.

I had done some extensive pinterest-ing about DIY ideas for my room and came to the conclusion the easiest thing would be to make my own bunting, especially as I already had the paper and found string in one of our kitchen drawers.

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