I’m Laura, a foodie, yoga lover and in constant desire to travel, see the world and meet new people.

If it were up to me I’d be following the warmth with occasional trips to places with snow.

Current location: Zürich, Switzerland.

“If life is a journey, we’re all born explorers”


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Laura,

    don’t worry, we are freezing here too.
    You seem to be into food lately, is this as a result of your italian boyfriend’s influence or your brother’s?

    I am preparing an exhibition for April, quite conscientiously working at it.

    Hope you are enjoying every day, even if Edingborough might seem a little lacking in colour lately. every day occurs once only. I know it is banal but very real.

    Much love.

    Keep up “appearances”
    With love

    • Dear Pat,

      The weather just doesn’t seem to want to change! I have seen the sun a few times though which has been great.

      I’ve always been into food but living on your own helps to bring it out more. And having a chef as a brother an Italian boyfriend who enjoys food and cooking definitely helps!

      Hope you are well.
      Much love,

    • Oh yeah! Are you fully Canadian?
      Yes so exciting :) Shame you were here when I wasn’t! Me too, definitely checking it out for some tips on visiting Scotland. Haven’t done as much as I’d like to.

      • I am!! Kinda obvious but I live in Montreal haha. Were you born in Canada? Where?
        And too bad I didn’t find your blog before i went to scotland this summer!!! How do you like living there? I fell in love with the country, especially Edinburgh..!!!
        Hopefully you will find the time to do some stuff!! I’m actually going to post some more stuff from Scotland!

      • No. My Dad’s Canadian (from Toronto) and that’s about it. I haven’t been there in yeaaars. Such a shame.
        It’s good. Kinda cold with the wind which isn’t much fun and it’s been raining non-stop for days which puts a slight damper on things but it’s a fun university town. Soo many students!
        Yeah I really want too and looking forward to reading those posts!

      • Ohh then you must come visit soon!! And make a stop in Montreal!! :)
        The rain is the WORST, makes everything miserable and a bummer…. we were SO luck it barely rained when we were there this summer I’m so grateful for that!! It’s going to start snowing here soon and SO not looking forward to that…

      • I’m hoping to do a North America trip this summer! Depends on jobs, money, university… We’ll see :)
        But I’d love to visit Montreal!
        That’s so lucky! My parents were here last week and it never rained, a week later and it wouldn’t changed the whole trip.
        I kinda like snow :) at least then there’s a reason for the cold!

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