Best Eats: Parma

For those following my Instagram you will know that I just spent an amazing two weeks eating my way though Italy with Nadja.
We did five cities in two weeks by train which I can highly recommend. The fast trains in Italy are great, so clean, super speedy and comfortable.
L.Alexandra // Best Eats: Parma
As you can imagine when the two of us are together it pretty much always revolves around food. Either we’re eating or discussing when and where our next meal will be which was fantastic! On that note I thought I’d share with you where in the five cities we ate and a couple of tips.

First of is Parma.

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto
Our first taste of Italian food was at Sorelle Pichi and really got us into the holiday mood. We often shared meals which meant we could try even more!

We had three different parmesan cheeses, homemade ravioli with different fillings and fresh pasta with shaved truffle. And wine. There was a lot of wine in general on this trip but what would an Italy trip be without lots of wine, pizza, pasta and gelato?!
L.Alexandra // Best Eats: ParmaL.Alexandra // Best Eats: Parma

As you know gelato can be found all over Italy and is some of the best you will ever taste.
L.Alexandra // Best Eats: Parma
Emilia Cremeria
L.Alexandra // Best Eats: Parma
This was from a vegan ice cream place but I can’t remember the name… It was on the main street and considering how small Parma is, I’m sure you’ll find.
We were actually both positively surprised at how many places offered vegan ice cream and not just sorbet. So those of you with milk intolerances/allergies worry not, you can get your gelato fix!L.Alexandra // Best Eats: Parma
Ciacco Gelato Senz’Altro. We went here for some late night gelato hence, the quality of the picture. They had some really crazy combinations, mine for example had cardamon in it.

L.Alexandra // Best Eats: ParmaL.Alexandra // Best Eats: ParmaWe developed an obsession with doors on our trip.

∗ 1/2 – 1 day in Parma will be more than enough. It is super cute and great to walk around but you’ll quickly realise you’ve seen everything.
∗ As in any city check out if there is anything special going on. While we were in Parma there was a street food festival with live music.
∗ The Peter Pan Bar became our home one late afternoon/evening as we sat out the rain, drank prosecco and martini bianco and feasted on the aperitivo.


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