Marrakech – where to eat

If you read my last post you’ll know my recommendations for where to stay in Marrakech. Next up, and just as important of course is food.
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
We found that there are a lot more options for meat-eaters than vegetarians in Marrakech but still there are always vegetarian options, at least in all the restaurants we went to.

We had our first lunch at Terrasse des Epices where we indulged in a variety of Moroccan dishes.
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
In the courtyard of the restaurant there’s also some shops selling various things as well as a couple of boutique like stores. All worth a look at.

We ate around the Djemaa el Fna one night, which is the main square and market place in Marrakech’s medina, at Café Kessabine. We were all not really impressed by the food hence, the lack of food photos… But they do have a cool rooftop terrace and you get admire all the action from afar.
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
But do make sure you’re around the market at night. It’s crazy with all the music, dancers, street performers, snakes etc.

Most riads will serve you breakfast. And make sure you can have each one of them. They are fantastic!
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
NOMAD is a must-visit. It’s popular so reserve ahead of time. And ensure you get a spot on the terrace as it gives you stunning views over the city and on a clear day you can even the see the mountains (you can just see them in the picture below). The food is Moroccan inspired and as you can see we were pretty hungry! And yes we ate it all! And still had dessert.
Marrakech // L.AlexandraMarrakech // L.AlexandraMarrakech // L.Alexandra
Le Jardin too is a must-visit. Although it is the same owner it is completely different. It feels like a green oasis when you step inside the courtyard. You’ll want to come here on a warm day as most of the restaurant is outside.
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
The third restaurant belonging to Kamal Lafitimi is Café des Epices. We didn’t get a chance to eat there as it was booked out but it looked great for break from wandering the souks.

We also had dinner at Atay one night which had good Moroccan food and again a rooftop terrace. A lot of the buildings are very narrow but a couple of stories high. I feel sorry for the waiters who always have to run up and down the stairs!

One night we went into the new part of town, and instantly missed the Medina, and had dinner at Le Grand Café de la Poste. It was clearly a popular restaurant to go to and very cozy with the fireplace and dim lighting.  The food was great too although we found it quite pricey and it was by far our most expensive meal in Marrakech.
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
Marrakech // L.Alexandra
One of the things I loved most is the tea culture in Morocco. Almost everywhere they offer you tea, which is usually quite bitter due to the green tea and with lots of sugar.  Tea is always served in glasses and often with sweets on the side.

Writing these posts is making me want to go back instantaneously.
Next post will be what to do in Marrakech.


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