Homemade coleslaw and thoughts

2016 has been off to a pretty amazing start. And I feel like this is going to be a good year. You know the feeling I mean? The one that just allows you to sense that things are going to continue being great?
Yeah, that one!
Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
It all started with our family trip to Dubai which was not only fantastic because we got to soak up sun in January but it was also the first time in years we were all together on holiday.

Shortly after being back my parents, extended family and I went to Austria for the weekend for carnival (Nassereither Schellerlaufen). Even though it was only a short stint in the snow it left me energised and wanting to kidnap my little cousin! The combo of sun and snow can be pretty great.

I just returned from a weekend in Cologne visiting a friend. Despite the fact that the weather was pretty crappy we had such a great time wandering around the city, stopping regularly for coffee and food. Although I didn’t know my friend very well yet I decided to take her up on her offer to visit her and again realised how much fun it is to meet new people and explore with them. Thank you again Marie!
Something I highly recommend is going to visit friends and family if they’re living abroad (assuming they have offered). Not only is it cheaper staying with someone but you’ll also be able to see the place from a whole other perspective.Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
On Thursday I’m off to Marrakech for a few days with two friends and words cannot explain how excited I am! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and I was lucky enough that Fanny and Nadja did too and we booked our trip last month.

I’ve always been privileged with travelling. It’s something my parents have always found really important, more than materialistic things. For as long as I can remember we’ve been travelling. And now more than ever I am so grateful that I had that type of upbringing. When it comes to travelling my parents always support it 100%. And for that I am so so thankful <3.

Travelling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
-Ibn Battuta

Anyways, the real reason you’re probably here is not to listen to me ramble on about how great 2016 has been because of all the opportunities I have had to travel but because you love coleslaw. So let’s get to it.
Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
This recipe is inspired by the cookbook LEON Fast Vegetarian (in German: LEON Fast Food Vegetarisch)

♦1/2 large white cabbage, shaved
♦ 1 small fennel, shaved
♦1 small celeriac, chopped
♦ 1-2 apples, shaved
♦ 1/2 cup walnuts

♦ Mayonnaise
♦ Yoghurt
♦ Creme fraiche
♦ Dill
♦ Chives
♦ Salt and pepper

I used the discs of my food processor (I have this one from Kenwood and love it) to shave and chop all the veggies. Super fast and the texture is great.
Mix everything together in a big bowl.
For the dressing mix together mayonnaise, yoghurt and creme fraiche to make it all a bit smoother (plus it sounds less horrifying than having a dressing solely made from mayonnaise…). Stir in dill and chives and season with salt and pepper.
Mix the dressing well with the veggies.
Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
Homemade Coleslaw // L.Alexandra
It tastes best if the dressing is left for a a bit so the salat can really soak up the flavour. And it works great as a side or in accompaniment to other salads. Or even with these grilled veggie sandwich with red beet flatbread I made the other day.


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