Blogger dinner at Boucherie AuGust

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a blogger dinner by and Harrys Ding that started at Max Chocolatier and ended at Boucherie AuGust.
Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra
We started the evening at Max Chocolatier which really takes chocolate to the next level! And although I’m Swiss and you probably imagine us eating chocolate with every meal, I am not a crazy chocolate monster. Shocker right?! If I do crave it, I’ll have a small piece of dark chocolate.
Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra
See those dark chocolates in the middle? Holy moly, now that’s good chocolate! The outside has got a crunch and then the inside is soft but not too soft. As in it doesn’t run out but melts in your mouth perfectly. (Pretty sure I’ll be dreaming of these tonight…)
Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra
The chocolates are handmade in Luzern, Switzerland and show such a love for detail with their signature X on each piece and their packaging (anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for pretty packaging) making them almost too pretty to eat. But then true to their motto “Experience chocolate for the first time” you are tempted to try everything they have in the store from pralines to chocolate tiles to chocolate bars. Their flavours change seasonally which makes regular trips back there a must.
Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra Max Chocolatier // L.Alexandra
Next on the itinerary was a tour of the Hotel Widder where the architect managed to beautifully combine old and new. Three buildings are all connected and intertwined and it takes about 15min to get from one end to the other. I am convinced the staff are extremely fit and have a great sense of orientation, I on the other hand would be sure to get lost…
Hotel Widder // L.Alexandra
This stunning view (photo by Fanny as I was too busy staring at the view) is taken from the penthouse suite which we got to admire as well as some of the other rooms.
But now onto the most important part of the night. Dinner at Boucherie AuGust.
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
Before I get stuck in let me just tell you that we were lucky. Not only because we got to check out Max Chocolatier after closing hours or view the rooms of the Hotel Widder, no we were also lucky because they accommodated our dietary preferences. We had some vegetarians in the group and then there’s me who only likes chicken and fish. But normally as the name suggest (Boucherie) this is a meat restaurant. So a great hurrah for all you meat lovers out there!
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
The food is served from open counters on colourful plates and bowls which gives a nice contrast to the otherwise black and white interior of the restaurant.
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
It involved a lot passing of plates and “mhhs” and “yums” and “you have to try this”, which I would translate to the food was amazing for everyone, especially the meat lovers.
Boucherie AuGust // L.Alexandra
And to top it all off: dessert.

Thank you again to and Harry and Carrie for organising such a lovely evening with great company – FannyMorena, Dominik and Glenn.


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