Pallet furniture

Lately I’ve become pretty obsessed with idea of having a piece of furniture made from pallets.
Although I won’t have an apartment to furnish for probably another 2 years there’s no harm in daydreaming right?

When I was on my jog yesterday I came across a spot in the woods were there were loads of pallets and I was already mentally planning how I could take one home. Sadly I am pretty sure they are heavy and not exactly something you can sneak away with.
So instead I decided to search through pinterest to find my favourite ideas.

I love the idea of having a pallet sofa. It’s a cheap option as I’m assuming you can get pallets for free and then just add pillows.

1Adding wheels not only means you can easily move the sofa around but it also raises it a bit more from the ground.

2I’m also a fan of making a coffee table from pallets.
By stacking a few on top of each other you can ensure your coffee table is exactly the height you want.
6Adding a glass top makes it a bit more elegant and practical as nothing falls between the panels.

3Pallets also work well as outdoor furniture as they can blend well into the natural surroundings.

4By painting them white it gives them a more sophisticated and summery look.

5Pallets can also be used as bed frames.
1 Again wheels will raise the bed slightly and mean it can be moved around easily (plus it looks great!)

2Painting the pallets white help make them look lighter and more modern.
3I really like the look of a bed frame on wheels and the untreated pallets give it a raw look.
4(Clicking on the images will bring you to my Pinterest which will then direct you to the original source)

Would you use pallets as furniture? Or have you?
I’d love to see if you have.

Hope you all have a great day with better weather than what we are currently having in Zürich.


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